"The habit of committing our thoughts to writing is a powerful means of expanding the mind, and producing a logical and systematic arrangement of our views and opinions. It is this which gives the writer a vast superiority, as to the accuracy and extent of his conceptions, over the mere talker. No one can ever hope to know the principles of any art or science thoroughly who does not write as well as read upon the subject."
- Blaikie



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ECCMEI is a independent online journal designed to be a forum for people of any persuasion that wish to express their opinions, or challenge the opinions of others, on topics generally concerning the Middle East. Though the emphasis of the material sought here pertains to Middle Eastern issues, this covers an extremely broad range of topics, a few of which are listed out in the Invitational Essay composed by one of the founders of this project.

Please feel free to explore the collection at your leisure. Please also note the legal notice regarding the proprietary rights of the authors presented here. If you would like to become a contributor, either of your own work or reviews and commentary of other works presented here, please visit the Guidelines page in order to proceed. Further exploration of the site will reveal other services and support features provided by ECCMEI.

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